Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Appreciating April

I think I made my dad proud.  I can't even remember the last time I went fishing.  But the first week of April, I accompanied Bob on a business trip to Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center on Lake Texoma (as you might guess, it's a lake located between Texas and Oklahoma) - and guess what I did?

For starters, on April 3, while Bob was in business meetings, I drove about 30 minutes to the Hagerman Nature Reserve. It's purpose is to provide and manage habitat for migratory birds, wildlife, and plants native to this area.

On the reserve, there was a 4-mile wildlife drive with interpretive signs that I decided to explore.  There were many varieties of birds, but I did not see a lot of other wildlife.  It was an enjoyable and educational experience, none-the-less.

I got out of the car and went on a couple of short hikes.  I nearly stepped on a turtle, which made me laugh upon closer examination.  Can you see the "bearded man" on the back of his shell?  There were black swans gliding effortlessly across a pond and hawks soaring overhead.


When I finished wandering around the reserve, I drove another 30 minutes to Denison, Texas, where the 34th U.S. President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower.  was born in 1890.  At the small museum, I watched a short documentary film about the former President, and then I walked up the street to see the home of his childhood.  In case you want to know more about "Ike", follow this link and watch the short video.


Leaving Denison, I stopped at the highly recommended Lew's BBQ; a tiny shack near a gas station on the edge of town.  The chopped beef sandwich did not disappoint and satisfied my appetite until dinner with the group later that evening.

It was still off-season at the resort, so I almost had the pool area to myself.  From the top of the tower suites, were expansive views of the lake and surrounding area.

Then it happened!  On the last day of the conference, everyone had the choice of going to play golf or go fishing on Lake Texoma.  Luckily for me, one of the men from the group had to leave early, leaving open a pre-paid opportunity for me to join the fishing expedition.  Bob took off to play golf, and I bundled up to head out on the lake.  Texoma is known for it's large striped bass, and as expected, that was the majority of our catch for the day.  I did, however, also reel in a big catfish.

I might say, that was almost the best day of lake fishing I've ever had.  We had fish biting regularly and all of us took in several nice-sized catch.  Nothing beats having someone keep your line baited and taking the fish off the hook for you. (Yes, I used to have to do those things myself.)  Unless, it's having that someone also gut and clean your fish and bring it to you all nicely filleted!  However frustrating fishing with dad could be at times (with tangled lines or broken bobbers), those memories still fall at the top of my best fishing experiences. And fishing off the gulf at South Padre is definitely a favorite Goodman family fishing trip.  Being with family makes everything better!  My license is good for one year . . . anyone wanna go fishing?

For months, the LDS community of the Houston area awaited the re-dedication of their beloved temple, which was flooded by Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017.  A small dedicatory service was held in the temple on April 22, 2018, to which Stake Presidents and their wives were invited.  Elder Ballard presided at and conducted the meeting which Bob and I attended.  Following the service, we were approached by a reporter who interviewed us about this historic event.  Little did we know that we would be quoted in the Deseret News two days later.  You can read the entire article by clicking here.  But if the link does not work, I've copied our comments below.

Souls to recover
In the moments after the rededication ceremony, Conroe Texas Stake President Robert Goodman called the temple’s reopening “a renewed blessing for our saints — we’ve been waiting a long time for this.”
The events of the day mark “a rededication of our own hearts and minds and spirits,” said his wife, Sharon Goodman. “What a blessing it is to again have this beautiful temple to remind us of heaven.”
Houston’s recovery stretches beyond rebuilding homes and even reopening the temple. There is spiritual ministering to be performed. “We still have many souls to recover,” he said. "There are many that need to come back to this temple.”

Spring cleaning was on Bob's agenda prior to the end of April; an appropriate frame of mind following the clean-up and re-dedication of our temple!  Power-washing our huge driveway was a multi-day task, but with dramatic results!  Thanks, Bob!

Spring has Sprung!

By March , 2018, Bob and I were ready to go to Utah and meet our new grand-baby, Brady.  After arriving in Salt Lake City on the 1st, we spent a few days with Bobby and Jill's family.  Elly, Max, and Linley showed us their athletic prowess at a trampoline and obstacle course facility.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, Bob and I took Elynor with us down to Provo for the day.  We were anxious to see little Brady, and wanted to see Michael present his studies in a Geology Seminar at BYU.  "Little Brady", is really "Big Brady" and he surprised us with how alert and smiley he was for being so young.  What a handsome little man!  Mike and Kristin fixed us a big breakfast and then we drove to campus.  Michael was very professional and well spoken in his presentation.  He was able to take questions and answer them in very clear and understandable terms.  We are sure proud of him!  We stopped at Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a treat, but Elynor, who (along with her siblings) was abiding by a strict no sugar diet only watched as the doughnuts were made.  She has way more will-power than I!  Sadly, Bob and I easily consumed several of those greasy, melt-in-your-mouth (but, oh, so good) sugar bombs!

The following day, Michael and Kristin invited family to attend church with them for Brady's baby blessing.  His adorable blessing outfit was made by Kristin and her mom! Afterwards, we went to their condo and enjoyed lunch and visiting with Kent and Linda's children.  What a sharp bunch of "zoobies"!

Grandpa had to go back to work in Texas, and Michael was away most of the upcoming week with his BYU team's national racquetball tournament, so I was called to grandma duty and was excited to help out Kristin and spend some time with Brady and Eve.  We played at the indoor mall kid's area, hung out at home, and fed ducks at the park.

 Later that week, I went back up to Murray to watch Bobby and Jill's kids for a couple of days.  We had a good time playing outside and even coloring the snow!

I had only a couple more days to spend with Brady and Eve before heading back to Texas.  All eyes were on these two cuties as we attended church together on Sunday, March 11!  You sure did good with those kiddos, Michael and Kristin! 

Back in Texas, Bob and I finished out the month by going to spend Easter/General Conference weekend at the Bosen's home in Temple.  Thomas had to work all weekend, so we held our little Easter egg hunt without him.  I think we spotted the Easter Bunny in their backyard!  

It is so rewarding to see our children and grandchildren sustaining a new prophet and apostles and trying to live the gospel of Jesus Christ!  

 We love you, President Nelson!