Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More November Blessings

Bob and I made a quick trip south to participate in Paige's blessing at church.  We decided to drive down on Sunday morning and left here a little after 5:00 a.m.  We were there just after 9:00 a.m., so we have found the perfect time of day to make that drive!  No Seoul traffic!  Sacrament Meeting was well attended for the small Korean Branch, but with Ben's parents, sister and us, we still came close to doubling their attendance.  Grandpa Johnson was asked to speak in church at the last minute, and it was a nice meeting.  Paige certainly filled out that little blessing dress better than tiny Emma did.

 Of course, after church we had to have a little photo session with our beautiful girls!


Monday, Bob went to work at the plant and Ben returned to work.  So the rest of us took a little walk through a bamboo forest on the island.  Emma and I took a "great tumble" while running down the path.  Thankfully, nothing was hurt but my pride (and perhaps Emma's memory of "big falls").  The views of the bay were stunning and we enjoyed a fun day in the bamboo.  It reminded me of building obstacle courses out of bamboo grown in our backyard in Provo when I was a child.

 We returned to Seoul on Tuesday and took the Johnsons to the airport.  Thursday was Thanksgiving, but for Bob and I, it was celebrated all month long and our prayers of gratitude are plentiful.  Opting for a simple celebration, that evening after work (it wasn't a holiday for Bob's Korean Company), we drove over to Seoul Club to stuff ourselves with turkey and cranberry sauce, prime rib, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls, corn, sweet potatoes, salads, and all of our traditional favorites.  But the buffet also included all you could eat seafood, Korean food, and their typical flavorless desserts.  Good thing I had a homemade chocolate French Silk pie waiting for us at home.  What's not to be Thankful for?!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gwacheon National Science Museum

At just twelve days old, Grandma and Grandpa took Paige and family on the subway to explore the Gwacheon National Science Museum in Seoul.  Yep, we are creating another genius in the family!  Paige needed to visit the U.S. Embassy here in Seoul to declare citizenship and get a passport, so their family drove up to stay with us for a few days.  The trip was conveniently planned to coincide with the arrival of Ben's parents and sister who were flying into Seoul to visit them for a week.  We enjoyed having them stay with us for a couple of nights so they could explore the big city before heading down south to Geoge-do.

The museum has fun things to do inside and out.  But because it was a nice day (actually, the last nice day before the cold winter weather set in), and because of the crowds that would gather around Emma everywhere she stopped, we spent most of the time wandering around the outside exhibits.

 Grandma and Grandpa sure know how to wear everyone out!

Paige Johnson Arrives - Grandbaby #4!

"Happy Birthday, Dear Paige, Happy Birthday To You"

October 29, 2012, is the birthdate of Stephanie and Ben's second daughter; our precious third granddaughter.  Here are the statistics and first photos:

(Emma was still in shock from the rear-end swab performed on her to check for viruses before entrance into Stephanie's room was allowed)

Gaga and Emma had a fun week together which included, going to her preschool Halloween party, playing with "big sister" gifts, and making arts and crafts.

It was nice to get the family home from the hospital and spend the next week relaxing and taking photos of Paige.

  Happy Day!