Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas with Kristin and Michael

Christmas with Michael and Kristin would not have been complete without spending time in the ultimate place of light, our Seoul Korea LDS Temple.  The wamth of the temple was the perfect place for healing body and soul in preparation for the celebrated day of Christ's birth!  We stopped for mandu and steamed buns for lunch, giving Kristin a taste of kimchi and other "delightful" Asian cuisine.

Lights, camera, action (maybe not so much action, however), were the key words at the "Trick-eye Museum in Hongdae.  The afternoon of Wednesday, December 23, 2015, Michael and Kristin stepped into this ultimate "selfie" attraction in Seoul with Bob and I.  These types of venues are another delight which must be experienced at least once while in Korea!

 The museum also features "Carnival Street", a small arcade where we played a couple of games.

 The final attraction, the Ice Museum, left us hungry for dinner at our favorite (and warm) Indian restaurant, Jyoti!

The National War Museum was our destination on Christmas Eve.  Reviewing the very dark history of war-ravaged Korea has helped us appreciate the light that now illuminates the South!  A look at a night satellite view of Korea shows the stark contrast been North and South Korea.  How we pray for light to soon fill the North!

 Image copied from this website.

Sharon prepared a special Christmas Eve dinner and a nice program was planned by Bob.  We watched this beautiful video, causing us to reflect on the blessings of the light of Christ in our lives.  What a peaceful Christmas morning!  When we finally arose, a few gifts were exchanged and then we got ready to go to Seoul Club to feast on a delicious Christmas Brunch!

The remainder of the day was spent walking off the calories (well, not really)!  We strolled around Namdaemun and Myeongdong markets, where Michael and Kristin purchased a couple of gifts for themselves, including a crazy Rubix Cube and a souvenir portrait drawn by a local street artist. A puzzle from Daiso provided relaxing entertainment for that snowy Christmas evening.  It would be a white Christmas after all!

Festively decorated Krispy Creme doughnuts were gobbled up the morning of Saturday, December 26.  That was the last day to explore Korea with Michael and Kristin.  Sunday would be a day to attend church and relax at home, followed by laundry and packing on Monday before heading to the airport.  We drove to Suwon to visit the Hwaseong Fortress and the Korean Folk Village.  The most fascinating exhibit was about creating silk! (See video below.) We were allowed to feel the tiny strands of thread which were amazingly strong!  After returning to Seoul, an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant completed Kristin's first taste of Korea!

Christmas, 2015, was truly a delightful celebration with Michael and Kristin!  We are so grateful that they were able to bring some light into our lives here in Korea.  And now, all that's needed to complete our holiday season is to wish a bright and joyful new year to all!