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About 30 years ago, with my husband and first baby in arms, I departed my hometown of Provo, Utah, and moved to North Lauderdale, Florida.  It seemed like a journey to the edge of the earth, but like all that happens in life, it was a mission to be accomplished with trust in the Lord.  To keep in touch with family and friends, and to document my existence in that faraway land, I began to write a newsletter, titled "Goodman Gossip".

By the time my fourth child was born, my writing declined.  My less than admirable record keeping left me wishing for a better way to record and communicate my life's experiences.  Now, a move from Texas to Korea provides me opportunities to travel, become acquainted with and appreciate the diversity of mankind.  Capturing the beauty of our magnificent world and documenting our mortal journey for our posterity (and all who are interested) is what prompted this blog.

Come learn about and discover the world with my husband and I, now empty-nesters, as we begin a whole new life halfway around the world in Seoul.  You will recognize that the things that direct my adventures are my family and friends, my desire to discover the world, and a drive to magnify my gifts and become an effective instrument in God's hands.  Thanks for visiting my blog, where you can find all the "gossip" about me and my family.

Bob and Sharon

This is a photograph taken of our family on New Year's Eve 2011, just before Bob and I moved to Seoul, Korea.  Bob is resting his arm on our oldest son, Bobby, who is seated next to his wife, Jill.  They hold Max and Linley on their laps.  Stephanie is next to me with Emma on her lap, and Ben is seated to their left.  Chelsea and Thomas are on the right side of the photo sitting on the stairs.  Michael is in the front, sitting on the floor.

Our Adorable Grandchildren
Max (12 months), Linley (30 months)
Emma (28 months)

Our New Home
Seoul, Korea

Our youngest son, Michael, was married to Kristin in May of 2015.  This updated family photo includes three of our four additional grandchildren.  (We are now the grandparents of 7!)  Paige and Bennett, born to Stephanie and Ben, are Emma's siblings (to the left).   Elynor is Linley and Max's little sister, and Bobby and Jill's youngest child. (on the right).

Knox, joined the home of Thomas and Chelsea (middle back) in June, 2015.

These are what Bob and I treasure most in life!

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  1. Dear Sharon-
    I saw Michael today. He looks wonderful. We sure miss all of you. It looks like you are doing well. We are doing well. Hannah got a job as a lifeguard for the Township this summer so that should keep her busy. Mike's business is booming, for which we are very grateful. I am working as an Speech Therapist for a Rehab/Skilled Nursing Facility. I love working with the elderly. They have amazing life stories to share. Again, we miss you!