Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jessica and Orlynne Visit Seoul

You might just think I enjoy a travel related career with the number of tours I have conducted or taken; but I will just call my "full-time job" a hobby for now. It's been quite a treat to have so many members of my family come to Korea where I can introduce them to a bit of Asia and, more importantly, enjoy their company!  My nephew, Shane, was invited to spend a week in Seoul as part of his MBA program at the University of Utah.  Upon hearing that, his wife, Jessica, determined she would come as well, but spend the week touring with me.  She convinced her friend, Orlynne (whose husband is in the same program) to do the same.  Bob was heavily involved with business visitors the week of May 9th, and Shane and Jason had a rigorous program to follow, so the three of us girls roamed the city freely until their departure on Sunday.

Having done the tourist circuit and blogged about these places several times before, I'm simply going to post some photos and test your knowledge of Korean culture (according to Sharon).

What place in Seoul to I visit most frequently?

How do I get around Seoul?

 What do Koreans wear? (And some cute little girls whom Jessica, gave gifts to upon her arrival back home.) 

 Where do we (Yep, I'm nearly Korean) shop?

 What hobbies do Koreans enjoy?


What kinds of food do people eat in Korea?

 What does a Korean Palace look like?

 Any favorite Seoul museums?

Are there natural escapes around Seoul?

 Which park is this?

 What is the most unique place to visit in Korea?  (Where a piece of the Berlin wall represents hope for reunification.)

 Who celebrated a birthday with lots of lanterns on May 14?

 Do you know Sharon's favorite Korean landmark?

 Can you identify these Korean icons?

And can you name one Korean sport which we are learning to master?  You got it . . . taking photos!  Check out this awesome panoramic shot showcasing flags of countries who participated in the 1988 summer Olympics.  Believe it or not, this photo of Orlynne, myself, and Jessica was captured by us with no outside assistance! (Click on it to zoom in.)  

And this concludes my test of your Korean culture intelligence, and our venturesome visit with Jason, Orlynne, Jessica, and Shane.