Monday, December 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Treats

The nicest part of November 2015, was returning to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with family.  We left on November 16 and returned December 3; with Bob working in Oklahoma the first few days of the trip while I stayed with Bobby's family.  While there, I attended Linley's school program where she was awarded two certificates recognizing her as an outstanding student!  Max showed me his awesome Lego and video game skills, and Elli kept mom and dad busy and Poohpie (me) thoroughly entertained! It was also a treat to get together with my friend, Debbie, from The Woodlands, and my childhood friend, Kathleen, who are both now living in Murray.

Leaving Murray, Bob and I drove to Wyoming to spend a few days with Stephanie's family.  Dinner together in Rock Springs was followed by special treat - a girl's night out for Stephanie, Emma and I!  The local college production of "Mary Poppins" was a delight, even if a little long for sleepy Emma.  On Saturday, grandpa opted to stay home with Bennett, while I took Paige, Emma, and Stephanie to see the matinee showing of the cute "Peanuts Movie" - another sweet treat!  We were surprised to see deer meandering around the neighborhood near Stephanie and Ben's home, a common occurrence in Green River.  After a delicious dinner following church on Sunday, Bob and I drove to Park City where we had rented a condo for the week. (Our family is getting too big to fit under one roof!)

Bob and I spent a couple of days familiarizing ourselves with several real estate developments in Utah.  We have been away from Utah so long that is was interesting to see how the valleys and hills are growing.  Retirement for Bob is not too far distant and we have absolutely no idea where we want to put down roots when that time arrives.  We visited our friends, The Ninows, in Immigration Canyon, and our friends the Newmans in the Holladay neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.  We met with a realtor in Hobble Creek Canyon who was able to help us understand some of the dynamics of building there.  She drove us up the bumpy winding dirt road to the top of a peak in the canyon where a lone log cabin can be seen hiding in the oaks.  This is the cabin my parents built (along with dad's sister's family) in the 70's.  Seeing the cabin brought back a flood of memories and was a bittersweet treat!  As I peered into the windows I could see the small spiral staircase climbing to the second floor, and found it still looks just like I remembered it.  Unfortunately, the property was sold in the 90's, due to a forfeiture of promises originally made by the development company and the difficulty of accessing and using the property.  Bob and I now own the other acre of land my parents purchased in that subdivision, but never used.  The realtor provided us with gate access to our land and gave us hope that someday we may get water and electricity there as was originally intended.


 Bobby and Jill drove up to Park City one evening and we took them to dinner on historic main street.  We shopped the outlet stores in preparation for Christmas.  Stephanie's family drove down on Wednesday and Ben took Emma snow tubing.  Later, we all drove down to Bobby's home prepare for Thanksgiving the next day.  Thomas, Chelsea and Knox remained in San Antonio and enjoyed the day with friends there.  Michael and Kristin celebrated with her family in West Jordan.  The Hill Family, about 45 of us, (my siblings and our children) got together for the big feast at the Bevan's (my sister-in-law's parents') large home in Provo.  Both Bobby's and Stephanie's families were there with us.  What a wonderful treat for all of us!


Unfortunately, I came down with a stomach bug Wednesday night and was unable to enjoy the day.  Not wanting to miss the fun, I went along and was able to briefly visit with my family before heading back to Park City, I felt much better on Friday, so we met up with our children that afternoon to do some sealings at the Jordan River Temple,   For our birthdays this year, Bobby researched and found a bunch of ancestors that needed temple ordinances.  Surprisingly, Bob's father had never been sealed to his parents.  It is likely that grandpa was aware of this, but for personal reasons had never had that ordinance performed in his lifetime.  It was such a sweet treat to kneel at the altar of the temple with my husband and son - each bearing the name of their ancestor, Robert Maurice Goodman, and perform by proxy that essential ordinance!  Fortunately, we know the sealing blessings will be extended to those who are worthy and we will leave all judgement to God!

 After the temple, we had a little early Goodman Christmas treat and opened a few gifts.  Chelsea joined us via Facetime and our grand-children provided entertainment (see video below).  

Bob and I took Linley, Emma and Max to Park City for a slumber party that evening.  We had fun painting stained glass and making pom-pom animals.  On Saturday morning, grandpa took the kids swimming -Yay for Grandpa!  Treating the kids to lunch at McDonald's topped off our special "big kid" outing.  I guess we played a little too hard, because by the time we returned to Murray that afternoon, all of them (including grandpa) were sick - and grandma was feeling quite guilty for sharing all those hugs and kisses!

Saturday afternoon, the Hill gals gathered together at Sandra's home, to honor my niece, Rachel, with a wedding shower.  Yes, there were plenty of treats to enjoy!

Here is Rachel with her mom and sisters (minus missionary Hannah); some of her cousins, and her aunts (missing Sarah who lives in Virginia).

Bob and I went out to dinner that evening with my brothers and their wives.  It is always a treat to be with them and reflect on the tremendous heritage our parents have given us.  How grateful we are for mom and dad, and their posterity who dearly love one another!

Our Thanksgiving trip came to an end with Bob and I spending Tuesday afternoon with Michael and Kristin in Provo. Then, as an additional treat, Kels, Stephanie and their daughter, Emily, joined us for dinner in Orem that evening.  An early morning flight took us back to Seoul on Wednesday, leaving us feeling a little worn out, but very full of Thanksgiving Treats!