Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pieces of Heaven

Saturday, June 2, 2012 will be remembered as a day in paradise.  With all seven of our children (yes, they are all ours) we were able to enter the Seoul Temple and participate in an endowment session together.  As each of our precious children entered the celestial room, I was filled with immeasurable joy.  I couldn't help but reflect upon the day my parents had all seven of their living children and their spouses in the Salt Lake Temple for Greg and Kristie's wedding, just before mom passed away.  Mom said that she always felt that when she reached that pinnacle in her life, her purpose here would be fulfilled.  I am grateful that she taught me what motherhood is all about. How thankful I am for the blessings of parenthood, of purpose, and of righteous progenitors and posterity.  "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."  3 John 4.

That evening we set out to Myeongdong on a Seoul food sampling expedition.  Myeongdong is the most visited outdoor shopping area in the city. It is popular with the younger crowd and the streets are filled with teenagers and tourists all looking for some lively evening social atmosphere and yummy street vendor foods.  Surprisingly, we enjoyed all the strange food we tried.  Yes, they have Dunkin Donuts everywhere, and even better, Krispy Kreme!  There are familiar restaurants all around us, including Outback Steakhouse,Tony Romas, Johnny Rocket, Burger King, McDonalds, California Pizza Kitchen, Fridays, Bennigans, KFC, Popeyes, Red Mango, Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins, Smoothie King, Jamba Juice and more, In Korea, it is very common to see women walking hand in hand or with arms around each other.  This public affection is very sweet, and is never considered "gay".


On Sunday, Chelsea and Thomas hopped in the car with Stephanie, Ben and Emma to drive down to Geoge Island.  The rest of us would join them there the next evening to enjoy a totally different South Korean experience for a couple of days.  Michael opted to take the bus, and everyone else crammed into our car.  While Michael got lots of sleep, the rest of us had lots of good conversation.  Linley kept things lively with her imaginative search for dinosaurs along the way.  Chelsea and Thomas had a day to explore the island with Stephanie and Emma before we invaded their solitude.

Tuesday, June 5, we took a ferry to Oedo, which is a privately owned island which they have turned into a beautifully sculptured European style botanical garden.  The ferry ride provided some nice views of the islands off the southern coast of Korea.  And as we walked the garden paths, one gorgeous scenic view after another unfolded before our eyes.  Truly this was a piece of paradise!

 Sometimes I felt like I was transported right into the imagination of Dr. Seuss!

We enjoyed some good Korean Food, a little bibimpap (a bowl of rice and vegetables with an egg on top) for lunch and an endless supply of meat at a Korean style barbeque house.  Yes, it's customary to cut the meat with scissors and sometimes you grill it yourself.  Meat, hot off the grill and dipped in salt or a broth, served in lettuce leaves with roasted cloves of garlic, a chili paste, and other veggies, makes for a pretty delicious meal!

  Our final day on Geoge was spent at the beach.  Rest and relaxation - heavenly!