Monday, March 19, 2012

Namsan Mountain

In the center of Seoul city lies a hill which they call Namsan.  On the top of this hill is a large tower which can be seen from all over the city.  The tower is lit up at night with different colors of lights and  projected onto the tower is a spectacular show of light art.

The mountain (as they call it) is paved with some wonderful rubber track paths for walking or jogging the perimeter of the mountain.  There is a large park on the south side of the mountain which we have yet to enjoy.  Bob and I spent one Saturday afternoon trekking up our side of the hill.  It all began with an elevator/escalator type ride up the base of the mountain.  From there we enjoyed a leisurely walk around the north side of Namsan.

We decided to take a path the led to the top of the hill.  Koreans construct well-paved paths!  And they love their outdoor exercise stations which are everywhere.  We found the remains of a "great wall of Korea" which was an extensive stone wall that once encircled the city of Seoul. 

We were surprised and delighted to find a variety of entertainment being provided near Seoul Tower.

 Large brick chimney's were strategically constructed on the peaks of the mountains along the fortress walls as a means of communication in case of enemy attack.

Most surprising and unusual of all, however, were the walls of the observatory platform at the top of the mountain.  Millions of padlocks and key chains adorned (if you want to put it nicely) the fences, railings, trees and sculptures found there.  Carefully attached to each was a love note or poem dedicated to one who captured their heart!

 All of this in our backyard!

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