Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celadon Pottery Festival

The famous Korean Celadon Pottery gets it's name from the color - "celadon" means "green" and refers to the pale gray or bluish green color of the ceramics.  Koreans first learned the art of ceramics from Japan, but refined their processes to develop a distinctive art of their own.  Their celadon ranges from a plain, undecorated type to objects with incised, carved, mold-impressed, or inlaid designs, and to vessels embellished with colorful compounds like iron oxide (black or brown) and copper oxide (red), and also with gold.  South of Seoul, celadon pottery artisans demonstrate and sell their wares.

The festival celebrated ceramic art of many styles and forms.  We enjoyed the diverse creativity.  I had to smile at the artistic features found in the ladies restroom.

Celadon pottery can be quite expensive, and many pieces easily cost thousands of dollars.  Given the labor intensive processes involved, I can understand why.  I limited my souvenir purchase today to this little piece of jewelry.  The crane, a commonly used theme in celadon pottery represents immortality.

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