Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Empty Nesters Again

What do a couple of empty nesters do when all their kids have left?  Bob goes to work, and Sharon tries to recover emotionally and physically.  After getting the house put back in order and shelves restocked, we find time to enjoy a few cultural activities together.  At Deoksu palace near our home, they put on a free weekly concert of traditional Korean music and dance.  I think we chose a rather melancholy performance night, although the pace picked up a little with a very animated drummer at the end.  It was interesting to see some of the traditional Korean instruments.

We always find interesting or amusing things as we walk around town together.  Sometimes we just shake our heads and laugh at the names of some of their stores.  The photo of the pagoda which is in one of the parks nearby is pretty poor, because it is encased in a huge glass box with seams.  The 10-story pagoda is a national treasure preserved from the late 1500's.

There is a website for expats living in Korea which often provides leads to some fun entertainment or activities in the area.  I noticed a production of "Seussical", the Broadway musical, was being held in Myeongdong.  I purchased tickets for it (along with tickets to see "Wicked" in July), and gave them to Bob for Father's Day.  "Seussical" was a production put on by a team of expats who are trying to provide musical and cultural opportunities for less fortunate children in Seoul.  It reminded me a lot of our our church roadshow productions, but with a very talented youth orchestra, and lots of talented performers with beautiful voices. The message was very inspirational and upbeat, with some catchy tunes. I have always loved the imagination and creativity of Dr. Seuss and enjoyed seeing his stories woven together in this fun production. 

 Who says we empty nesters don't know how to have fun?!

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