Friday, March 15, 2013

Estate Matters

After the impromptu reunion with our children In Las Vegas, Bob and I remained a while to take care of estate issues.  Personal property was divided between the siblings and Grandma and Grandpa's home was cleared out in preparation for garage sales and the eventual sale of their home.  Sorting through the boxes in the garage was only the tip of the iceberg!  Bob and I did inherit some nice furniture among other things, but that meant we would become the owners of a storage unit!  We hired some movers to help us transport the extremely heavy load.  That's the curse that accompanies the tremendous blessing of "stuff".  But we are very grateful for and humbled by all that we have received!  After selling so many things when we moved to Korea, it will be well used when we return to the states to live.

The siblings had a great time breaking into safes that were without keys or codes.  Mom and Dad must have been laughing as they looked down upon the fun the boys were having testing their brawn against the strength of the safe!  The girls enjoyed rummaging through costume jewelry and other treasures. 

 For an early valentine's day celebration, Bob and I broke away from the work and took in a show down on the strip. It was a Cirque du Soleil performance called "Beatles Love", and was really quite good. They took Beatles songs and put them together in a sequence which told a story. And each song was accompanied by a different unique circus performance. Their interpretations and visualizations of the songs was very creative and enjoyable. After Bob returned to Seoul, I was able to get away to the Las Vegas Temple and really treasure the peace and calm of that day.

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