Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alaskan Cruise - Seattle

Every other year, my siblings and I plan a "Hill Reunion", and we decided that the summer of 2013 was to be a reunion of siblings and spouses only.  We love having all the kids and grand kids together, but sometimes it is very difficult to accommodate the whole gang.  I think the posterity of Max and Donna now numbers around 66!  So, at Doug's suggestion, we booked a 7-day Alaskan cruise for July 14th.  Mark and Sarah had to bow out of the arrangements when they found out that Sarah was due with daughter number two early in May.  Norah's arrival was a far greater gift to the Hill family than the cruise, but we sure missed having Mark and Sarah with us!

Doug, Sandra, Jim, Shauna, Dave, Melita, Bob and I arrived in Seattle on the 12th and spent a couple of days exploring the city.  We drove down to the pier and found a nice seafood restaurant for dinner.  Then our next stop was to drive out of the city to see Doug and Sandra's old stomping grounds and make a surprise visit to Brian and Paige Ballard.  Brian is our cousin - the second son of Linda (mom's sister) and Dell.  I think we both shocked and scared the family with our unannounced arrival!  But of course, they were perfectly welcoming - until Jim had their kids in tears with his teasing, as usual.


On Saturday, we wondered around Pike's Peak Market.  What a great place!  We admired the fresh fish, flowers, fruits and more.  We sampled lots of yummy food including crumpets, pastries, Turkish delight, chocolates, and Rainer cherries, of course!

Seattle is a fun city with a vibe all it's own.  We laughed at the crazy "artwork" we enjoyed while strolling around the home of the original and only naked Starbucks mermaid.


Later that afternoon, we headed over to the space needle for a bird's eye view of the city. A polish festival was going on nearby where we grabbed some lunch before ascending the tower.  Next to the needle is a Chihuly glass art museum which we caught glimpses of.  From the observation deck of the Space Needle, the view was amazing and we were fortunate to have such perfect weather!  Mt. Rainer looked like a massive floating guardian hovering over Seattle.  We enjoyed watching pontoon planes land on the lake and discovered the port from which our Princess cruise ship would depart the next day.  Did you notice the 40-ft. giant daddy long leg spiders atop one of the nearby buildings?  Our visit to the needle produced one of those cheesy photos that makes no sense - it's supposed to be a view of the city from the observation deck - but what do you see in the background . . .

A full day of fun ended with dinner at the ole' Spagetti Factory, followed by sweet dreams of Alaskan wilderness and never-ending food buffets dancing in our heads.  Are you ready to cruise?!

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