Monday, October 7, 2013

More Fun With Our Kids - Utah and Texas

Mirror Lake, in the beautiful Uinta Mountains, was our destination on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013.  We met Bobby and Jill's family there in time for lunch where they had set up camp at a great site down by the lake.  The weather was perfect (although a bit chilly overnight), and it was so much fun to have the five grand kids together.  Pa was finally introduced to Elynor, who wasn't quite sure about us at first.  Linley, Max and Emma were anxious for some of Grandma's activities, so after lunch we started painting their scavenger bags.  Then we went for a short "hike" around the lake and collected flowers and other treasures which would be pressed between laminating pages to create place-mats.  Of course, Ben headed right out to do some fishing!  Later that evening, Jill's sister and her family arrived and ate foil dinners and made s'mores with us.  They camped at a nearby site.  Unfortunately, I got a little sick that evening and Bob and I retired to bed early and missed the best part of camping - an evening around the campfire!  It was a rough night for me and some of the grand kids as well.  I slept in late while the gang cooked pancakes and went for a morning walk.

We broke down camp and the men prepared for an overnight backpacking hike.  Apparently, the "old goats" found a place they could comfortably camp together!  On their way home, Jill and her sister's family went to a secret "fairy land" site, where kid campers have arranged rock piles and painted rocks to create a special hideout in the woods. Stephanie and I were wiped out and headed directly to Bobby's home in Murray.

As mother and father's day gifts, Bobby and Jill purchased passes that allow us free admission to several attractions in the valley for a year.  So on Thursday, while the guys were hiking, Jill, Stephanie and I took the kids to one of those places:  a new Seven-Peaks Fun Center in Lehi.  It features a Trafalga mini-golf course and several rides and games.  The old Trafalga mini-golf course in Orem is where Bob and I went on our first date, so I'll always love Trafalga!  Several of the attractions were closed, but the kids enjoyed the water bumper boats and mini-golf.  Linley surprised us by wanting to ride the "Frog terror drop" several times!  Who knew that our little Linley was so fearless?!  Do you think Elli was enjoying the park from the bottom level of the double decker stroller?

Seven-Peaks Water Park in Salt Lake City was another free attraction that we all had passes for.  So on Friday, the whole gang headed there for some water fun in the sun.  Emma was scared of the imposing sea monster that reigned over the kiddie pool, and it took a long time for her to get into the water and enjoy the fun.  But the day was a success - and Bob would say that was due to me leaving the camera at home!  And Ben might not agree, because of the hefty ticket he received for parking at a park across the street.  The cousins had a great time just playing together at Bobby and Jill's house, and having an early birthday celebration for Emma and Grandpa.

 As if we didn't have enough party time, for our final day in Utah we all went to Jungle Jim's and enjoyed one more day of rides, games and pizza!

Leaving Utah behind, Bob and I flew to San Antonio to spend a few days with Chelsea and Thomas.  It was great to see them all settled into their new home.  Chelsea received several job offers, and accepted a position at a great elementary school.  She and Thomas were called to team teach a primary class, but shortly thereafter, Chelsea was called as the First Counselor in the Young Women Program.  Thomas started medical school and continues to teach primary.  They have survived their first Texas summer and are looking forward to a mild winter!  Mexican food was a favorite dining option while we were there.  Boy we miss that in Korea!  Why is it that Chelsea and Thomas didn't get nearly the camera time that the grand kids got - they are every bit as cute!

 From San Antonio, Bob and I drove to The Woodlands Resort for a couple of days where Bob had work meetings.  I got to visit with Millie and help her hang some pictures in her beautiful new home!  And then, call us crazy, but we also crammed in a drive down to South Padre Island for one night to visit Tom, Mel and Pam and take care of some Goodman family business.  (Forgot to take any photos!)  We returned to San Antonio to spend a couple more days with Chelsea and Thomas before flying back to Seoul on Tuesday, August 13th.  What a busy but wonderful summer we had!

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