Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Empty Nester's

Bob and I started an "Empty Nester's Group" a year or so ago, and patterned it after the group that we had just qualified for in The Woodlands First Ward before moving to Seoul.  There are not many of us here that are eligible for that grand privilege, but we have tried diligently to invite and include those who do.  The basic idea  is that you take turns planning a "date night" activity for the group to participate in together.  We hosted an Olympic-themed party at our home in January.  It was a huge success and we have rarely laughed so hard as when we watched all of those (not us, course) "old folks" compete in the games.  The team cheers were the best part of the whole evening with Joe Southerland leading the "Alligator" song with his team.  This event doubled as a farewell send off to Ming and Jon Thorpe (first couple pictured below), as they moved back to the states.  The Thorpe's became good friends and often invited us to their home or to go out to dinner together.  They will be missed.  Also pictured below are the Southerlands, McKinneys, Andersons, Holtons, Goodmans (that's us), and Barnes.

We had trouble drumming up support for hosting the date night, so our next activity was held at our home again in May.  This time we were sending off Vicki and Joe Southerland (big photo below).  Vicki served as a counselor in the Relief Society with me when we first moved to Korea and she was my salvation!  She helped me get acquainted with all the sisters and organize the visiting teaching.  That is no small task in our huge and very transient branch!  Vicki is the most positive and supportive "cheerleader", and I really needed that!  We will miss them, too!  Those pictured below are the Minnichs, Cases, Andersons and Chong Nan U (with Vicki).

As you can see, there is life after kids! 

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