Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bringing in the New Year

As is well evident by now, our family likes doing things together and sharing new experiences.  So after leaving Pine Valley, our worn out children with kids returned to their homes for a few days of recovery, while we "childless" couples continued to play.  On Monday, December 29, Bob, Thomas, Chelsea, Michael and I drove up to Park City.  We enrolled in a "Learn to Curl" class held that evening at the ice arena.  What a blast!  Bob managed to play a little while serving his mission in Alberta, Canada many years ago, but for the rest of us, it was a totally new sport.  Our instructors were impressed with how easily we picked it up, although mastering the art of balance on ice was a bit of a challenge for me!  I highly recommend getting a group together and giving it a try!

Our whole crew reconvened in Murray on Thursday for a Hill Family New Year's Day 2015 party. (New Year's Eve wasn't much to blog about, although Cafe Rio and family games are always worth a few smiles.)  It was an added bonus to have Kent and Linda's family manage to arrange their schedules and come over from Colorado.  We ate pizza and devoured leftover holiday treats while reuniting with relatives.  McKenna (with friend) and Karina had both recently returned from their missions and it was fun to see them again.  We were also happy to meet Bradly's wife, Kristin, and introduce Michael's fiancee, Kristin, to my side of the family.  

Sandra kept everyone happy with a bingo game and prizes.

Other activities were pursued on the basketball and volleyball courts and in the nursery room at Bobby and Jill's church meeting house. 

  Our Hill Family also loves being together!


On Friday, Bob, Chelsea and Thomas flew back to their respective homes, and Stephanie, Ben and I took the kids to the "new" Aquarium in South Jordan.

While in Murray, I was privileged to go to the "Nickle Arcade" a couple of times with Bobby and Jill's family.  On January 6, Max celebrated his 4th birthday playing games and collecting tickets with his friends there.  It doesn't take much to keep kids happy . . . just a bundle of nickles and a happy meal!

 The celebration continued at home by opening family gifts.

 This was a happy way to end my Christmas vacation!

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