Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Service

Our dear friend and kind, considerate driver, Mr. YS Kim retired from driving the end of 2014.  It was with sadness, and with great appreciation that the company hosted a little farewell gathering in February, to honor him for his service and to welcome our new driver, SW Kim.  Bob and I gave Mr. Kim a remote control BMW as a humorous token of our love for him. He has been such a dear friend to me over the last three years and it was with a few tears that I bid him farewell.  I don't know how I would have ever adapted to Korea without his help!  Not only was he my driver, but he was my voice whenever I needed to communicate with a non-English speaking Korean.  He would help schedule service needs at our apartment, arrange tennis practices for our team, and carry my shopping bags at the market!  He truly made me feel like a queen and I will ever be grateful for his humble and gentle service in my behalf.  Getting accustomed to a new driver will have it's challenges, but I am also grateful for another "Mr. Kim", whom I will address as "Sam".


Our Relief Society (our church women's organization) arranged some opportunities for us to serve at a soup kitchen in Seoul during February 2015.  It was such  wonderful experience and the organization that provides this service four times a week was amazing!  The staff was orderly and organized and the "restaurant" was clean and cozy.  The sweet elderly Korean patrons were patient while waiting in long lines and full of gratitude.  Some of them enjoyed practicing their English skills with us.  I even had some very satisfying conversations about the gospel of Jesus Christ with another Korean gentleman who was volunteering that day.  I was assigned to help set tables and serve meals.  It was a sweet and precious experience.

 Isn't service a wonderful thing for both the receiver and the giver?! 

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