Friday, April 20, 2012

Jeju Island - Continued

Spectacular scenery awaited us on the southern coast of Jeju.  There is no way to describe the amazing Jungmun Daepo coast and it's columnar-jointed lava.  The black rocks, blue sea, and white crests of waves smashing into the coast were truly stunning!

The short walk to a couple of treasured waterfalls allowed us to stop and stretch our legs before heading back to the Jeju Grand Hotel where we stayed and enjoyed some fabulous seven course meals in an intimate setting with Bob's small group of board members.

The next day Bob had to attend a meeting and go golfing with the guys.  It was actually a drizzly and gray day, so I just wandered around town a bit, found a place to eat their famous black pork for lunch, and lounged around the hotel.  Saturday morning gave Bob and I one more day to see Jeju before heading to the airport that afternoon.  We chose to visit the cedar forests to the east of Halla mountain at Jeolmul natural recreation area.  We trekked to the top of Jeolmul Oreum, a small cone that takes one hour to climb, and enjoyed the scenic forest paths.

On the way to the airport, I stopped to capture a photo of a common site in Korea - a burial mound alongside the road.  We also captured a few final shots of life on Jeju.  I think we may have to return someday!

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