Monday, April 16, 2012

Time in Thailand (Conclusion)

With only two days left in Phuket, we finally allowed ourselves a day of nothing but fun in the sun at the beach and pool.  Steph and Ben rented a Kayak and paddled around the cove.  Bob and I just relaxed in the gentle breeze.  What a perfect day.  Aaaah, now this is a vacation!

Sadly, it was time for our vacation to come to an end.  We had to be out of the resort by noon, but our flight was not until 2:00 a.m.  So after checking out we rented a car and hung out around town.  First Stephanie and I returned to the spa to get our Thai massage.  What a deal - one hour and less than $10.00!  I was amazed at how loose and relaxed my muscles felt after that, although that evening I was a bit sore in spots.  We went to the mall which was so modern and new - a sharp contrast to what we had seen all week.  We stopped by the outlet mall, where I found the flowers and shrubs more appealing than the shops.

Time help pass the time, we had booked a late buffet dinner and show at a place called "FantaSea".  It was a tourist trap for sure, and had an almost main street Disneyland feel to it (without the rides).  Poor Emma was running a fever and had tonsillitis, so it was a tough day for her.  The show (no cameras allowed) depicted the history of Thailand with music, dance, animals, acrobats, fireworks and, of course, elephants.  While certainly not Broadway, it kept us entertained and cool for a while.

  By the way, isn't Thai writing about as crazy fun as was this trip to Phuket?!

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