Friday, October 5, 2012

Half Moon Bay and The Woodlands

The last part of September, Bob had meetings in the San Francisco area and in The Woodlands.  So he booked me a flight so that I could tag along with him to the states.  We stayed at a beautiful resort at Half Moon Bay where Bob was participating in a Board of Directors meeting which, of course, included an afternoon of golf.  So while he was tied up with work, I spent a day at the tennis courts in drills and a private lesson with a junior Olympic coach.  Yeah, I am a tennis kid in training!  The mid-60's degree temperature was a bit on the chilly side for the beach, but it was perfect for outdoor sports and cozy fire pits!  The coastline was spectacular and the birds seemed to enjoy the view as well.


We concluded our two night stay with dinner in town with the group, and then flew to Houston on Saturday afternoon.  It was a strange feeling driving into The Woodlands, as it no longer felt like "home".  However, as we attended church, visited friends, and kept various appointments, it seemed as if we had never left. The Woodlands will always hold a special place in our hearts!  I am ashamed (and Bob is grateful) that I did not take any photos while we were there that week.  We enjoyed dining at some of our favorite restaurants such as Los Cucos, Tommy Bahama's, Berry Hill, Cheesecake Factory and more . . . but the company of wonderful eternal friends is what made it so sweet and satisfying!  Thanks for dinner Nunez family, and lunch dates with Millie, Kim, and Laura.  And I appreciate Cheryl coming to the rescue to repair a horrible Korean haircut.  I managed to do plenty of shopping at my favorite discount stores such as Marshall's, Kohl's and TJ Maxx, and even made a stop at Sports Express for tennis shoes and supplies.  How nice to be able to shop for shoes and clothing again!  Even better was to be able to drive a car and park at a lot in front of the store!  Simple joys . . . Target, Walmart, junior mints, Swedish fish, blue bell ice cream, choice of stations on radio and TV, clean teeth, new soft contact lenses, open spaces and friendly faces!  A particular joy for me was to visit with some of my former seminary students, one of which just had her first baby.  Congratulations Katie and Grant!  Emily is a lucky little girl.

 God bless America, our home sweet home! 

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