Monday, November 18, 2013

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

From Geneva, it was a two-hour drive to the Interlaken area of Switzerland.  We had heard how amazing the colors of the lakes and mountains were here, but never expected the intensity of colors that painted memories in our minds that photos cannot begin to capture. After strolling through the town of Interlaken and taking in a quick lunch, we drove up to Lauterbrunnen.

We had made arrangements to spend the night at a bed-and-breakfast hotel in Lauterbrunnen, which is a quaint little town nestled in a valley of the Alps above the two lakes at Interlaken.  It is well known for it's waterfalls which spill over the massive cliffs on either side of the valley.  Here's our hotel and the views from our windows.

I've added photos of some of the many waterfalls in the valley.  We went to the Trummelbachfalle, which is nice little hike through the mountain caverns created by the glacier waters falling from the Alps.  Pictures don't really capture the massive amounts of water pouring through these caves.


The views of the valley were magnificent. 

From Lauterbrunnen, there are a series of cable cars and trains that you can take to get to the Schilthorn peak of the Swiss Alps.  We purchased a ticket to Murren, and from there intended to buy our passes for the remainder of the trip.  However, even though it was a beautiful day from where we were, the cables from Murren were closed due to high winds, and we were informed that they would not be open for the remainder of the day.  What a disappointment!  But since there was nothing more we could do, we walked around the town of Murren, which sits on top of the cliff overlooking Lauterbrunnen.  I can't imagine really living in a place like this, especially through the winter months, but it was so refreshing to be in a place where there are no cars and no noise but music of cowbells singing in the wind.  And what spectacular views!

On our way down, there was a cable stop at Gimmelwald, where we decided to visit briefly before returning to Lauterbrunnen.  This was a tiny town but full of character.  I love the idea of an "Honesty Shop"!  Too bad you have to be so far removed from the world for something like that to work.


 A good restaurant was the perfect ending to our beautiful day in Lauterbrunnen.  And now we will leave Switzerland with the sound of cow bells ringing in our ears!

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