Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sacred Valley and Pisaq

How grateful I am that Javier booked us on a tour through the Sacred Valley on Tuesday, June 10th!  The drive to Pisaq was amazingly picturesque and I found myself in awe to be in such beautiful place.  Even through the window glare of the van, you can see the beauty of the rugged green mountains blanketed with terraced farm lands and quaint little villages.

We stopped at a scenic overlook of the Sacred Valley through which the Urubamba River flows and feeds this rich agricultural valley.  (If you are not impressed yet, click on the individual photos in this post and see them a little larger.)

And then we came to Pisaq, which is a large Inca city which included several neighborhoods, farming terraces, and the largest Inca cemetery.  The cemetery consists of thousands of little tombs built into the side of the mountain. If you look close you can see some white skulls in some of the tombs.


Pisaq Market, in the valley below the ruins, was a fun place to explore and get a tasty snack.  Michael and I found Peruvian sweaters to purchase along with our delicious platano/queso empanadas.

Did you notice the other foods that were going into the large ceramic oven?  Unfortunately, Bob and I never did get a taste of guinea pig while traveling through Peru.

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