Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dave and Melita Visit Suwon

It was a beautiful autumn day on Wednesday, October 22, and the colorful foliage enhanced our sight-seeing in Suwon, the capital of Gyeonggi-do about 20 miles south of Seoul.  Suwon is the only completely walled city remaining in Korea.  An unsuccessful attempt was made during the Josean Dynasty (around 1800) to make Suwon the capital of Korea.  Here, a  Korean Folk Village has been constructed to recreate typical Korean life prior to industrialization of the county.  Throughout the day there were demonstrations of traditional dance, tight-rope walking, equestrian skills, wedding ceremonies, and K-pop songs and dance.  This was a popular day for school field trips, and the photos accurately depict the throngs of people that inhabit the cities of Korea.

After eating lunch in the folk village, we drove to Hwaseong Fortress and hiked along a portion of the wall, beginning at a Buddhist Temple.


Just as interesting as the fortress is a look at the city it now encompasses.  Notice the pumpkins growing upon a rooftop.

 Upon our arrival back in Seoul, we filled our hungry tummies with some satisfying Korean barbecue.

Collapsing into our beds at the end of another full day, we set our alarms to awaken us at 6:00 a.m. for our bus tour to North Korea.


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