Thursday, October 1, 2015

Simply Seonyudo Island

Chuseok is an important Korean harvest holiday that was celebrated the last weekend of September, 2015.  It is similar to our Thanksgiving, and families gather together to feast and pay respects to their ancestors.  Seoul becomes a virtual ghost-town with most shops and businesses closed for a few days.  This was good news for me, because it gave Bob a couple of days off work along with the incentive to get out and enjoy a less crowded Seoul.

On Saturday the 26th, we took our bikes on the subway to the Han River, and pedaled west along it's banks until my neck and rear-end needed a break.  (Bob does bike riding more often than I!)  We decided to stop at a tiny Island in the Han River named Seonyudo.  It used to be the home of a water purification plant, but that has since been turned into an aquatic botanical garden.  The island seems to be a popular place for photography as we saw several models being captured on film while we were there.


 But the best model of all is my adorable husband, Bob!

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  1. Wow! As I have been reading your latest blog posts, I had that thought that you have come a long ways from the routine of life as a mother of four in Bartlesville! What adventures you two are having!