Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Livin' It Up at the Lodge

The Family Lodge at Pine Valley was the perfect post-Christmas gathering place for our family.  With our children and grandchildren all settled in the night before, we awoke on Wednesday, December 28th to the gleeful giggles of nine cousins happily reunited.  As usual, we assigned 3 meals and 3 activities, of their choosing, to be conducted by different families each day.  The schedule is always a bit flexible, but it seems to work out well for our family.  (A partial schedule is shown.)

This is where I get a little bit sad.  By Wednesday, I was quite ill, and ended up spending most of our time at the lodge in bed with sinus infection and flu symptoms.  So my participation and documentation of our family living it up at the lodge are a little sparse.  Thankfully, my children all shared photos with me!

Michael and Kristin planned a fun scavenger hunt for the grand kids in the morning  That afternoon we started on a service project which involved stuffing and stitching closed about 60 medical dolls which we would donate to Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.  (I had cut out and sewn them in advance.)  It took us all week to get them finished, but I was pretty proud of our kids for completing all of these dolls!


Everyone headed outside for some snow adventures that afternoon followed by a nice warm spa!  Knox was especially curious and enthralled by his first time in the snow.

The family Christmas gift exchange that evening provided games and activities that would entertain later when there were lulls in the schedule.

Bob took me to the urgent care clinic in St. George on Thursday afternoon.  The rest of the family spent the day playing games such as indoor mini-golf, "escape room" challenge, and "The Goodman Game of Life" (no photos).   "Watch Ya Mouth" and "Pie Face" were big hits - literally!  Of course, a little more snow time and dancing were in order.

It was also a great day to drive down to Baker Dam to try a little fishing.


And now it's nearly the weekend - and that will be covered in the next post.

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