Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tennis Team Friends

Did I ever mention that I have been playing on a tennis team in an international women's league here is Seoul?  It's not a very competitive group of women, but it has given me a chance to play a little doubles and make some great friends.  Carmen, our captain for the past year and a half, recently moved to Panama, so in March we had a farewell party in her honor.  It gave me a chance to take some pictures of these lovely ladies!  Sol has been kind enough to host a couple of elegant and delicious luncheons for us at her home.

Carmen moving to Panama
Gaby - new team captain from Paraguay
Sol from Spain
Anne from Great Britain
Helen from Australia

Kristen with Mom visiting from USA
When we lost one of our former captains, Mildred, and another teammate, Ruth, last summer, Sol hosted the farewell event in her beautiful yard at the Spain Embassy.  We don't see many gardens and yards in Seoul, so this was a very special treat!

Mildred from Holland
Ruth from the Philippines
Sol from Spain
Carmen from Venezuela
Anne from Great Britain
Kristen from USA

Thank goodness for tennis friends!

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