Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Texas Travels

Like a tornado in Texas, Bob and I traveled around the state from March 18 through April 3.  We flew into San Antonio and spent the night with Chelsea and Thomas before driving to South Padre for some Goodman family meetings.  It was great to spend a little time with Bob's siblings and see them accomplish some much needed business.  What a treat to see Kels' boys, Park and Forest, who were able to get away from the military for a couple of vacation days with their dad.

The Woodlands was our next stop, where Bob took care of business back at headquarters.  We really enjoyed visiting briefly with friends and living among the comforts of "home".  It is so nice to drive and shop and eat with such ease and with such a variety of options!  I took advantage of time there to take care of annual dentist and doctor visits, hair care, and even scheduled a tennis lesson.  Sadly, I didn't even pull out my camera the whole week we were there.

Bob and I drove back to San Antonio to spend time with Chelsea and Thomas for a few days.  My brother, Doug, had decided to spend spring break with all of their children in New Braunfels, and it conveniently coincided with our trip to Texas.  We were able to meet up with the Hill gang at Six Flags Fiesta Texas on Saturday, March 29th and couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.   It was especially fun to reunite with our nieces (their spouses and children) and nephews:  Jessica, Shane and Hallie; Michelle, Mark, and Harvey; and Alex and Parker.  The weather was beautiful, and the companionship even better!  Although Chelsea and I are still wondering if Doug and Sandra have forgiven us for making them ride the Iron Rattler. Now, that is a fun roller coaster!

Bob had a work meeting downtown on Monday, which gave me a chance to do a little weeding in the flower garden.  When he returned, we searched bargain stores looking for an area rug and perhaps some furniture to add to the house.  That evening, after Chelsea and Thomas completed responsibilities at their schools, we joined Doug and Sandra's family at the River Walk for dinner.  Thomas had been longing for a taste of alligator which a friend suggested he try at a place called "Dicks".  With a name like that, I guess we should have expected the sarcasm (on the fringe of rudeness) and crude humor that accompanied the service, but after the initial scare, we gobbled down some tasty gator and a host of other calorie-laden foods along with a few good laughs.


A trip to Texas is never complete without indulging in some "Blue Bell" ice cream!  It didn't take us long to scope out a parlor on the river.  Yes, that's a perfect ending to a great time in Texas!

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