Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trip to Texas - San Antonio Part 2

Bob and I spent a few days back in The Woodlands during the last week of March 2016.  While he attended meetings, I did the usual shopping, dental check-up, eating, and visiting and playing tennis with Millie.  Unfortunately, the only photo I took the entire time was of the home we sold December 2011.  It was a beautifully designed and constructed house in one of my favorite areas of The Woodlands.  I say that, because we enjoyed the contoured landscape of an otherwise flat Texas terrain.  Going back to the neighborhood and seeing those wonderful Texas homes made me long to own one again.  Here's just a glimpse of the home we left behind.

The Woodlands House 2016.  Our Home October 2002 - December 2011

Lest I get too sentimental about our homes over the years, I will say in all truthfulness, that I have been very comfortable and content living in our apartment in Seoul over the past four years.  A happy home is one where a spirit of love abounds - regardless the size, style, or location.  It is the memories made in our homes that gives each one such endearing qualities.  I really don't want to go back to any previous home, but I am grateful that I can relive the moments of joy (and sorrow) that were experienced with my family and friends in every place I have lived!

Returning to our "home" in San Antonio was a reminder of how home really means "family". May 2-3 was General Conference weekend, and for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is a time of spiritual renewal as we hear counsel from our Prophets and General Authorities of the church.  The proceedings of the semi-annual conference are available over the internet and we enjoyed the relaxed opportunity to watch it at home with Chelsea, Thomas and Knox.

 Apparently, there might have been a little playtime and sleeping through some of it!  (Grandpa was just "resting his eyes", of course!)

Click here for a snippet of a message from President Thomas S. Monson, our current Prophet.  And click here to access short summaries of all the conference talks.   In between sessions, we tested our skills on the golf-course - frisbee golf, that is!  Though the four of us were closely matched, In the end, Thomas always pulled out one stroke ahead; and, not surprisingly, I was always one stroke behind.

Needing to catch an early Monday morning flight out of Dallas, Bob and I headed toward Pflugerville, Texas late Sunday afternoon.  We wanted to stop along our way to visit with Bob's sister, Pam, and her son, Chris, and his family.  Pam had informed us that my nephew, "Elder Hill" had run in to her a couple of days prior, and they made the family connection.  Kimball has been assigned to serve in that area as part of his San Antonio LDS Mission.  What a special treat it was to gather at the home of Chris and Megan for a brief extended family reunion.  Another one of God's tender mercies in our lives!

 We are so grateful for family!  Thanks, Chelsea and Thomas, for providing us a spirit-filled home back in Texas!

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