Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trip to Texas - San Antonio

Arriving at Chelsea and Thomas's home, Thursday evening, March 24, 2016, we were immediately welcomed and charmed by little (not really, though!) Knox.  Check out his beautiful eyelashes!  This 9-month-old kid is nearly off the charts in height and weight and is built solid and tall like his daddy!  He is another handsome "Goodman" boy!  Equally adorable, Emma, Paige, and Bennett, showered us with a warm welcome of hugs.  Without a minute to lose, we headed to the San Antonio Riverwalk with our two daughters and their families,  Thomas sat by the river to study for an exam, while the rest of us walked over to the Alamo (which, unfortunately, was closed).  Paige was enchanted with the many decorative carriages - especially the one pulled by a unicorn!

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe provided a fun and entertaining evening for all of us!

The weather was gorgeous, so the next morning we walked over the neighborhood park.  (Grandpa stayed home to work on home projects.)

Later, that afternoon, we went to the "Kiddie Park".  I have to say, however, that this paled in comparison to the one our kids grew up with in Bartlesville!
Yummy Torchy's Tacos hit the spot for dinner that night.

Saturday, we all gathered at the pool at the Residence Inn where Bob and I were staying.

That evening, Bob and I kept Emma and Paige there with us for a little slumber party.
The girls drew cute love notes which I promised to keep forever, and then they wore themselves out wrestling with grandpa on the bed!

Morning church services put us in the right frame of mind to enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday.
Dying colorful eggs and the traditional Easter egg hunt rounded out the day with some family fun.

Hopefully, it wasn't all that candy that caused Emma to lose her first tooth!
We think she was just trying to keep up with her cousin, Linley, who actually lost three teeth that week!

So, with nothing more than a few teeth to lose, but a whole lot of family love and memories to gain, we all went our separate ways.  Stephanie and Ben's gang returned to the cold of Wyoming, Bob and I drove to The Woodlands, and Chelsea and Thomas enjoyed a week of recovery, until Bob and I returned on Friday.


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