Friday, May 6, 2016

Exploring Seoul Days 3 and 4

A trip to Korea is not complete without a visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).  A tour through the USO (United Service Organizations) was conducted by American Soldiers in Seoul on Saturday, April16, 2016.  The popular tour includes a visit to the JSA (Joint Security Area), Third Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Observatory and Dorasan Station.  I let Jim. Shauna, Greg and Kristie take the tour without me.  Here's a few of their photos:

JSA - Note the tight-fisted ROC (Republic of Korea Guard)

 The "Bridge of No Return" leading into North Korea, their flag, and their "Propaganda Village"

 The Reunification Monument, Dorasan Subway Station (with hopes of running into North Korea) and the Third Infiltration Tunnel dug from North into South Korea under the DMZ.

Random  amusing sights: A wish for peace,  mirrors inside all the doors in ladies toilet stalls, and hooray for America!

Sunday morning we went to the Seoul English Branch of the LDS Seoul Military District, to attend our church meetings.   

 That afternoon we visited Bonguenesa Buddhist Temple.  The colorful lotus lanterns, painted buildings, beautiful azaleas and lilacs created colorful scenes and lovely scents.

We finished off the day with a fun visit to Olympic Park.  Sculptures commissioned by artists around the world are displayed throughout the park.  But the most amusing spectacle by far, was the six of us cruising around at record speed in the peddle cart!

The enormous skyscraper on the rise in the background of the photo above, is the new 123-story Lotte Castle Tower; the tallest building in Korea.

We all collapsed as soon as we arrived home.  After-all, Sunday is a day of rest, right?!

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