Friday, May 6, 2016

Exploring Seoul Day 5

Just down the street from our apartment is a Shinsegae Department store which I frequent several times a week.  In the bottom floor is a "grocery store" and food court where I like to sample all the latest and greatest offerings.  It's a convenient, although expensive, place for me to buy food - especially because of it's decent amount of international products.  Jim and Greg gagged on their samples of abalone and some other sea creature, while Shauna, Kristie and I enjoyed some yummy breads and pastries.

It was Monday, morning, April 18, 2016, and we were headed to Dongdaemun market.  Along our walk to the subway, we stopped to see the Myeongdong Cathedral - the first Roman Catholic church in Korea. While you finish browsing this post, you might want to listen to the creepy horror movie music which was being played on the organ.

You never know what you will see walking the streets of Seoul.  Shauna seemed to keep her eye open for all the bizarre and humorous signs and sights.  Don't you love McDonald's advertising with a king? Yes, Burger King is in the same neighborhood . . .

 We did a little shopping in the toy alley (no pics) of Dongdaemun, and then walked back through the shoe market.  We stopped and enjoyed some mandu and buns for lunch before boarding the subway back to Myeongdong to catch the early Nanta show.

Bob met the siblings at Nanta, where they were entertaining themselves by "watching" artwork on the wall.  I had already seen the show and went home to bake cookies and fix dinner.  I made Japchae along with a couple of salads and then it was game night!  (See this link for my favorite Korean cooking website.)

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