Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sweet Farewell: Seoul Days 6 & 7

Tuesday would be the last full day in Korea for Jim, Shauna, Greg and Kristie, so we packed April 19, 2016, full of fun activities.  The day started out right with a session at the LDS Seoul Korea Temple.  The gardens surrounding the temple were blooming with vibrant color.  We had the unique experience of attending a Russian session with several saints there for the first time.  It was discovered later that weekend at our LDS District Conference, that President Whiting, our Asia North Area President knew the young lady that I sat next to in the temple.  In his Saturday evening address, he was sharing a story about a young lady from Russia that served as a missionary when he was a Bishop in Hawaii.  And how a blessing he had given her was fulfilled when his own daughter later served in the same mission she was from in Russia.  Several of the Russians who had been at the temple came to our District Conference and when he was telling the story, one stood and commented that the sister Elder Whiting was referring to had just boarded a plane, but had been in the temple on Tuesday.  After the meeting, we figured out that the sister referenced just happened to be the young lady I sat next to in the temple!  Small world . . .

 We enjoyed lunch at our favorite Indian Restaurant nearby.  Shauna and Kristie tried on the style and role of a Korean"ajumma".  Thank goodness it didn't quite fit!

 Bob dropped us off at the War Memorial and went in to work.  We especially enjoyed the short 4D movie simulating being a soldier in the Korean War.


We left the museum and rode the subway back home.  The subway is always a fun adventure of it's own.

 We rode the cable car up to Seoul Tower in the late afternoon and stayed until dark so we could capture both day and night photos of the beautiful sprawling city of Seoul.


 There is an "Alive" Museum at Seoul Tower, where we played with our cameras while awaiting nightfall.
Sometimes, we composed some pretty good optical illusion photos . . .

 But most of the time, something is just not quite right . . .

Well, on that happy note, we returned home to get some rest before one last outing together.

Flights back to Utah on Wednesday afternoon left us just enough time to do some souvenir shopping in Myeongdong, where we were amused by store displays (always fresh), street performers, and cutsie advertising ploys.  Then we chowed down on some yummy Korean BBQ and Snow Milk for dessert.

A Sweet Farewell to My Siblings! 

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