Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sharon's Stateside Summer (August 1 - 13 in Green River)

Ben often comments that he doesn't know what it is about us Goodman moms that makes us behave like "Wonder Women" (I'm not talking about dressing up!)  Perhaps we all grew up competing with our siblings and proving that "...anything you can do, I can do better..."  Regardless of the reason, it's true - Stephanie was Wonder Woman after giving birth to Tanner, and I wasn't about to let her show me up!  (Although she did as I came down with strep throat about the time she came home.)  Ben covered for me a couple of days but unfortunately, he had to delay his paternity leave for several weeks due to a demanding around the clock work schedule.  So with both of us back on the mend, acting as "Team Mom", Stephanie and I carried on the role of activity junkies!

Our first outing with the whole gang, less than one week after delivery:
John Wesley Powell River History Museum 

 Bennett's 2nd Birthday Party, August 1


Newborn Photo Session with Break at School Park


Snake Hunting
(After the discovery of a 2-foot snake near the garage!)

Library Summer Reading Party at Park

More Photos of Tanner

  A Few More Favorite Activities
(Actually, church was not one of Paige's)

 Emma's 7th Birthday Party - August 13

As if life was not providing enough excitement for our family, in the middle of all these fun events, we received some pretty fantastic news from Utah Valley Hospital in Provo:  Kristin and Michael delivered their first baby a couple of weeks early! Eve Lindalee Goodman was born Tuesday, August 8, at 12:30 p.m.  Aunt Chelsea could not have wished for a better 27th birthday present - and Eve was certainly a gift for Bob's lonely birthday (August 12) as well!  She weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 19 inches in length.  I decided to take a day trip down to the valley on August 11, meeting Michael at a wedding luncheon for Alli Bickmore in Lindon, and then continuing on to Provo to meet our new granddaughter!  It was fun to see our friends, the Newmans, at the wedding celebration and to rejoice with Millie and Bic.  But my greatest joy was holding our beautiful ninth grand-baby, Eve!

The timing of Eve's birth turned out really well because both Kristin and Michael had a few weeks free before their fall classes at BYU began.  This gave them time to adjust to parenthood before I could make it down to help out.  Jill had her tonsils removed on the 9th, and I was committed to grandma duty there first.  So, off I went to more adventures in Murray for the next couple of weeks!

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