Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sharon's Stateside Summer (August 13 - 27 in Murray)

Having tonsils removed as a child means a few days of Popsicles and rest; but I'm told that for an adult it can be a rather grueling few weeks of recovery.  At least, it was for Jill!  Bobby was able to take time off work for the first week of recovery and I took over after that.  Bobby and his kids drove up to Green River on August 13, for Emma's birthday party, and I rode with them back to Murray that evening.  Jill had lots of fun lined up for me, Linley, Max, and Elynor, which gave her some time to rest quietly at home.

We arrived back in Murray just in time to join their stake annual Luau - an event loaded with food, games and entertainment for all.  And in the following weeks, the pace rarely subsided.

Church Luau  

Hogle Zoo

Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum

 Steve Miller Band Concert in Deer Valley
(Thanks, Sandra, for inviting me to Doug's birthday celebration!)

 Elynor and Max's Soccer Games

Fashion Place Mall and Home 

 Snowbird Tram and Oktoberfest

With Jill on the mend, and another semester soon starting for Michael and Kristin, I left Murray for Provo on Saturday morning, August 27.  It was time to get better acquainted with Eve!  

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