Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mission Calls

The final week of January proved to be one of laughter and of tears as we discovered what "missions" the Lord had in store for us.  February 1, 2012 was the day Michael revealed his mission call from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He and 40-50 of his friends and family gathered together in the lobby of Merrill Hall for the special occasion.  Incidentally, that's the same location in which Bobby and Thomas opened their mission call letters as well.  Bob and I were connected to the gathering through Skype and Stephanie and Ben and friends from afar were there by phone.  Click on the tab in this blog titled "Michael's Mission" to discover where he will be serving!

Maybe this will give you a clue!

Mid-January Bob received his "mission call" to serve as First Counselor in the Elder's Quorum of our English Branch of the church in Seoul.  We had to laugh because it's been about 25 years since he has been a member of the Elder's Quorum!  In a branch, there is no High Priest Group so the Priesthood Quorums meet together as one.  A couple of weeks later, my "mission" in Seoul was confirmed and I was sustained as our Branch Relief Society President.  Laughter and Tears!  We are grateful to be in the service of God and are especially proud of Michael's desire, worthiness, and commitment to serve for two years.  We know he will grow to love the people of Peru, just as our hearts are being touched and enlarged by our Korean friends and neighbors.


  1. Cute post. Way to take pictures of your skype date!

  2. How many times have you been RS president? It's good to get the updates! Your apartment looks beautiful!