Monday, February 27, 2012

National Museum of Korea

We finally found ourselves with a free Saturday on February 18th.  With the weather being quite cold (it was around freezing so I can only call it quite cold instead of extremely cold, since we have had temperatures as low as -17 C. or around 1 F.), we decided upon an indoor activity.  A visit to the National Museum of Korea was in order (with a little gentle persuasion on my part).

 Below is a quick look at some of the artifacts we found from Korea.

 Attire including robes, shoes, armour, and adornments

 Things for the home including furniture and roof tiles

Colorful masks, sculptures, detailed carvings and calligraphy

 Items associated with Buddhism

Ceramic burial pots (they were buried sitting upright), and the famous celedon pottery still made today

 Pagoda's, of course, painted silk screens and artwork for the walls

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