Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pack and Play

December was a busy but exciting month for us.  Bob and I returned to The Woodlands to pack and load up our household belongings.  A 40-ft container would take everything we needed on a sea shipment to Korea and over 10,000 pounds of stuff was put into storage.  In addition to the garage full of items given away or sold, we loaded up a 15-ft moving truck to deliver food, furniture and lots of gently used household items gift wrapped for Christmas giving.  We had a brief reunion with Michael, who had also flown to Texas for a visit with friends and to see the doctor and dentist as required for his mission application.

Upon arrival in Utah, we made a quick visit to Chelsea's classroom with a special delivery for her students to enjoy.  We drove up Hobble Creek Canyon with Thomas to look at some family property we decided to purchase.  After an evening out with the two of them, we drove to Bobby and Jill's home where we would enjoy our Christmas celebration.

It was wonderful to be with Bobby, Jill, Linley, Max and Michael. Chelsea and Thomas were with family in California, and Stephanie, Ben, and Emma were celebrating Christmas in Idaho.  Jill's brothers joined us on Christmas Eve to feast on the Cafe Rio tradition with all of us.  We did a little shopping and eating out, but most of all enjoyed playing with the kids.  My favorite memory is of Linley and Max acting out the nativity as Grandpa read from the scriptures.  Guess who was the donkey . . .

 Isn't Christmas Great?!

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