Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Never a Nicer New Year

Nothing beats having the whole family together in one place for a few days!  Such was the case as we welcomed in the New Year, 2012.  Thanks to Bobby and Jill, we all had a place to call home where we shared our love and spread our winter viruses.  Perhaps we were all worn out from all the holiday activities, but I think there must have been about five visits to the urgent care center for sore throats, pink eye, and sinus infections.  It was nice to have some down time to relax and enjoy opening Christmas presents. We laughed about the truckload of treasures to sort through and snatch up as we did our family gift exchange.  I think everyone inherited an ample supply of food, cleaning products, and 90's music CD's!

The boys took in an evening of night skiing, while the girls did a little shopping.  Bob and I opted for a night at home with the grandkids!

We managed to get to the photographer on New Year's Eve for a family photo session.  This one was kind of a fun pose, though not the favorite.  (You can see some of the others under the "About Me" tab above.)

An evening out to Sweet Tomatoes sustained us through the late night. And a Hill Family get together on January 1, started the new year with a bang.  Thanks Doug and Sandra for hosting the party and Jim and Shanua for making the long drive!

We'll have to hold on to those precious moments of togetherness.  With Michael preparing to go on a mission for two years, it may be a while before it happens again.  It really was a nice new year!


  1. I was just thinking of you last night--wondering how you are doing. looks like your family is all doing great! glad to be able to "keep up" with your adventures

    1. We miss you guys! Thanks for your continued interest in our family.