Monday, June 18, 2012

Chelsea and Thomas Arrive

Chelsea has the worst luck with flying!  So I guess it's only fitting that her flight from San Francisco to Seoul was cancelled due to mechanical problems.  Making the best of a bad situation, Chelsea and Thomas enjoyed a bonus holiday in San Francisco where they spent the night and following day.  Additionally, they were able to arrange for three extra nights in Seoul on the return end.  We were all anxious for their arrival and happy that we would have them here a little longer than originally planned.

Our first tourist sight to visit with the whole family was Gyeongbokgung or "Palace Greatly Blessed By Heaven".  It was the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty and was originally built in 1395.  During the Japanese invasion of 1592 it was reduced to ashes.  It was rebuilt in 1867 and included more than 500 buildings.  It was demolished again during Japanese occupation around 1911.  Restoration has been ongoing since 1990.  We joined an English speaking tour group, but it was difficult to focus with our adorable blonde grandkids constantly being surrounded by Koreans wanting to take their pictures with them.  "Keyoot" (cute) was the expression we heard the most that day!


Within the palace complex was a Korean Folk Museum.  We all enjoyed discovering our Chinese Zodiac Year Sign.

 But the big hit was the Children's Museum!

 After taking a few more photos from around the complex, it was time to leave and find some lunch at "Noodle Box" nearby.

On our way back home, we stopped at a Buddhist Temple in town.  The colorful lanterns were especially fun to photograph.

 Welcome to colorful Seoul, Chelsea and Thomas!

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