Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll

Bobby, Jill, Linley and Max arrived on Thursday evening, so Friday was spent just getting oriented to a new place and new schedule.  The grandkids played in the pool on our balcony and at the small playground in our complex. We took a quick stroll through the market, and Linley played with the vanity Emma left for her to enjoy.

Saturday morning we headed to Seoul Forest to give the kids a chance to run around and unwind from their travels. Stephanie, Ben and Emma drove up that afternoon and met us at the park.  Seoul Forest is described as being like New York's Central Park.  There are five themed areas to the park and it is a great escape from city life.  The playground was fun for both the young and old.  Can you tell that Bobby and Michael are brothers?! 

But feeding the fish and deer were even more entertaining. 

  The butterfly garden both delighted and disgusted Linley.

We tried to acclimate Bobby to Korean food by ordering him a Bulgogi Hot Dog which he downed with ease. But the best part was when Emma arrived and she and Linley embraced in the biggest hug ever, followed by spontaneous dancing around the plaza. This was the moment grandparents live for!

Our grandkids kept everyone in the congregation entertained during church on Sunday and by Monday, it was time for another outing for the kids.  Seoul Grand Park and Zoo was the destination and we decided the subway was the best mode of travel.  It's always a surprise to see what treats await in the subway tunnels.

The zoo was huge and involved lots of walking!  The animals were fun to watch; that is, all but the dolphin show which never happened!

Really though, our favorite "animals" were the ones we were touring with!

Tuesday we decided to hang out at the Han River Parks in Yeouido.  Unfortunately, the water fountain play area was closed for cleaning and the swan paddle boats were not running.  It seemed we picked the wrong day to enjoy the river.  Mike took a bike ride along the bank and saw lots of interesting sights.  The rest of us just relaxed and flew kites.


 I guess it's OK to slow down . . . just a little!

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