Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Michael Arrives!

Friday night Michael arrived is Seoul with nothing but a bag on his shoulder.  His initial flight to San Francisco was delayed, which meant he had to sprint through the airport with just 30 minutes before take off on Singapore Airlines to Seoul.  After being rushed through ticket processing and security, and scrambling to repack the contents of his spilt backpack - all the while being paged for final boarding - he collapsed into a sweaty heap for the 16-hour flight.  His luggage did not keep up with him!  We picked up Ben from the bus terminal on our way home from the airport.

On Saturday morning, Bob, Stephanie, Ben and I joined Michael, who was arrayed in his father's "loose fit" Sunday clothing, as we headed to the Seoul Temple for Michael to receive his endowment.  It was our District Temple Day, so the sessions would be in English. Bob and I were called to serve as ordinance workers a couple of months previous, but today we attended as Michael's escorts.  What a special day it was!  Although there was confusion and lack of organization at the temple, we were blessed with some very tender spiritual moments together.

Sunday was spent at church, followed by a drive to Geoge, where Michael and I hung out for a couple of days to help take care of Emma while Stephanie was on bedrest recovering from a medical procedure needed for her pregnancy.  Grandma got to take Emma to a birthday party!

In the meantime, Michael was finding his own fun on the Island.

The Port and Shipyard

Interesting Food at the Market

 Exercise Equipment at the Park

Korean Barbeque and Indian Cuisine

Then Michael and I rode the bus back to Seoul and spent a couple of days previewing Namdaemun Market, exploring a special exhibit at the Museum of Art, and finding unique sculptures on the streets of Seoul.

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  1. Great pictures!! So fun to see all that you "do"! Miss you guys! -Christi Tippets