Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mountains to Climb

Namsan is a mountain in the center of Seoul with a tall tower providing a distinguishable landmark from anywhere in the city.  It's a North Star for finding my way home.  The tower is 370 meters tall and was built in 1969.  (You may want to review my previous post on Namsan Mountain.)  In preparation for our journey to the top of the mountain, I purchased some simple padlocks for each of our children and their family to creatively personalize.  We would pledge our love to one another on top of the mountain as tradition dictates and throw away the keys.

Stephanie and I rode the cable car to the top with Emma, Linley and Max, while the others all made the trek by foot.

 We met at the top, took in the sights, and attached our locks to the wall of the observation deck.


 After enjoying the evening views we returned home.


 A hike to Bukhansan Mountain challenged even the best of us (I won't attempt to define who that would be)!  The next day our destination was Baegundae Peak, which is the tallest peak in Bukhansan National Park. Unfortunately, Stephanie, Jill and grand kids had to pass on this activity. The trails on this mountain ascend nearly straight up the slope, and cover some pretty tough rocky terrain.  I will admit that about halfway to the peak, I wasn't sure I could make it.  Sending the boys ahead, Chelsea and Bob stayed behind with me to hike at a little slower pace.  I think we totally surprised them when we arrived at the top not long after they did. I've asked myself where the will power came to complete the difficult climb.  At first I wondered if it was that competitive spirit I gained while hiking with my dad and brothers as a child; but in reality, it was the thought of denying others the blessing of reaching the mountain top that spurred me on.  Yeah, you know there's one of mom's spiritual analogies to life and eternal families in there somewhere . . .



 Hooray for challenges!  Surely, there will be many more mountains yet to climb.

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