Thursday, June 14, 2012

More With Mike

"One museum a day", became Michael's motto, as I dragged him around Seoul to see one thing after another.  "I can only 'see' so many things before I need to get out and 'do' something."

We saw the changing of the guard at Deoksugung Palace

The Seoul Museum of History

 Gyeonghuigung Palace

Another Art Museum

 The War Museum and a Body Worlds Exhibit (no cameras allowed).

 Of course, I had to bribe Michael along with lots of good food and treats!

We took Bob with us to the Lantern Parade held in celebration of Buddha's Birthday.

And FINALLY, we got to "do" something!  We went on an amazing 5-hour hike to the second highest peak on Bukhansan Mountain just north of Seoul.  It was a strenuous, but beautiful hike with many sites to see along the way.  The trail started out lined with colorful lanterns until we reached an exercise plateau.  We visited a small Buddhist Temple where the Monk pointed out the elephant rock on the mountain.  Passing through fortress gates opened up tremendous views of the ancient wall around the city. With the help of ropes, we climbed some amazing boulders and took in breathtaking views of the city and it's surrounding mountains.  Michael scaled the very top boulders!


The descent was equally challenging, taking us down some pretty steep trails.  However, with blisters and sweat as my reward, I was looking forward to my next hike.  This was really an awesome thing to DO.

Along the way, we spotted the highest peak on the mountain - to be conquered when the rest of the family arrives!

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