Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Big Sisters and Bennett

With just a couple of weeks to prepare for the arrival of her son, Stephanie was anxious to have "Mom" in Wyoming to help with the "nesting" process.  I think it was therapeutic for both of us to have me there in advance to clean blinds, organize rooms, weed and prune the garden, and play with Emma and Paige.  Stephanie was very pregnant and extremely tired, and just couldn't accomplish all that she wanted to do.  It's amazing how much I enjoyed the "work" related to being a "homemaker" once again.  I don't do much of that in Korea.  We took the girls to a park several times to play with friends, dance to "Zumba", and run through water fountains.


We also enjoyed going to Emma's soccer practices and games.  Emma can push and shove her way to the ball with the best of them!  She was definitely one of the key competitors on the field.  Sometimes I had to wonder what kind of "football" I was watching, and I always found myself having a good laugh or two.  Paige was out there chasing the ball right along with "her" teammates, and even made herself at home with the off-duty players.

Chelsea drove up to Green River the evening of Saturday, July 26, so that she could attend a BYU-Idaho patriotic dance performance at the High School with all of us. It was a nice show, and Paige was watching and imitating every move she saw on stage!  And it seems baby boy was doing a fair amount of moves as well.

After the show, the girls jumped through hoops in the backyard with Chelsea while we enjoyed the cool Wyoming summer evening.  Church meetings keep us busy the next day, and playtime with Emma and Paige passed the time quickly until Chelsea left on Wednesday (just two days too soon).

That last week of July, Stephanie was feeling "different".  She had never gone into labor with the girls, because Emma was delivered at 30 weeks by emergency c-section and Paige was a scheduled delivery two weeks prior to her due date.  This little guy was not due until the 8th and was due to arrive by c-section on August 5.  But it was becoming apparent that he had other plans.  Thursday evening, Stephanie began experiencing labor pains, and the contractions steadily increased in regularity until around 9:00 p.m., when a call to the doctor confirmed what they suspected.  Packing their bags, Stephanie and Ben headed to the hospital in Rock Springs, about 20 minutes away.

Bennett Taylor Johnson was delivered by C-section just after midnight, making his birthday August 1, 2014.  He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and measured 19 inches long.  Bennett is not a family name, but hints at the connection to his father, Benjamin.  Taylor (and Johnson, too) is a Hill family name. being part of my maternal grandfather's name (Wilford Taylor Parkinson).  We think he is pretty cute - even with the dominate Johnson looks!

 I found myself right back in mommy mode as soon as I had sweet little Bennett in my arms!  How grateful I am to be a mother - and a "grand" one, too!

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