Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Break in San Antonio

Bob and I finished out the month of June with a quick visit to the Goodman home in Pine Valley.  The cool mountain air and quiet solitude of the valley was a refreshing change of pace.  We accomplished several needed tasks at the "cabin" and were grateful to see how well the "Family Lodge at Pine Valley" is being maintained.  (Click here to learn more about the lodge and how you can plan to stay there for your next family reunion.)  Mom and Dad Goodman's retreat in this lovely valley is certainly a blessing to their posterity.

With business meetings in The Woodlands, Bob and I flew to Texas on July 3, 2014, and he returned to Korea later that week.  My flight, however, was to San Antonio where I would enjoy a couple of weeks with Chelsea and Thomas.  Our 4th of July celebration threatened to be rained out, but sitting in the back of Thomas' truck, we huddled under a tarp to keep dry while we watched the fireworks explode over the quarry.  Afterwards, we searched for a place to get some dessert and boy, did we get some!  We ordered three tempting treats and were surprised to find they were not designed to be individual servings.  Oh well . . . what a tasty problem to chew on!

We didn't do much more than relax for the next week:  a little yard work, some birthday shopping for Chelsea, read books by the pool and watch every episode of the BBC Sherlock Holmes series.  (Seriously, the best series of TV "movies" ever!)  Chelsea also helped me format my "U Turn" group party or classroom spelling and math games for purchase on the "Teachers Pay Teachers" website.  (View and order by clicking here.)

On Saturday, July 12, Chelsea and I drove down to the historic San Antonio "Pearl Market".  I think we were a little late in the season for a lot of fresh produce, but we had fun wandering around the area and sampling food and treats.

Millie drove over for a quick visit on Sunday, and after hitting her head on the bunk beds, went home feeling a little ill the next day.  I still feel guilt knowing that she broke out in shingles the next day and suffered from them all the next week!  Chelsea and Thomas had season passes to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Monday the 14th was a day to bring a guest for $10.00.  So Chelsea and I went that morning and rode on a few of our favorite roller coaster rides, and then met Thomas there in the afternoon to cool down at the water park side of the amusement center.

I flew back to Murray the next morning in anticipation of watching Bobby and Jill's kids while they went on a weekend 7th anniversary celebration.  Jill surprised us by buying Chelsea a ticket to fly out as well so that she could help out, too.  Stephanie drove down from Wyoming with Emma and Paige to do some school shopping and perhaps enjoy one last family gathering before "baby boy" was scheduled to be born on August 5.  I rode with Stephanie back to Wyoming on the 19th and Chelsea stayed and helped with Jill's kids through the following week.  Chelsea drove up to Wyoming on the 26th of July and stayed until she had to fly back to Texas on the 30th.  Whew!  It was a crazy summer for everyone!

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