Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Welcome Home, Michael!

I imagine there are few experiences that simulate the joyful reunion we will have with loved ones, who have passed from this life, when we join them in the spirit world.  One of those experiences takes place in the Holy Temple, and another is when a child returns from a mission.  Exactly two years after Michael entered the mission training center, all of our children and grandchildren were at the Salt Lake City airport on Friday, June 13, 2014, to welcome Michael home from his mission to Peru.  He was introduced to his two new nieces, Paige and Elynor.  I can't express how wonderful that moment felt to have all of our children together once again - but many of you already know!

That evening we had a family birthday celebration for Linley, who turned five years old a few days earlier.  Can you tell she is crazy about the Disney movie, "Frozen"?  We even enjoyed dress up and modeling time along with live performances from Linley and Emma as the party vibes continued.

Michael made sure the adults all received Peruvian presents that night as well as the kids!

Saturday afternoon, we had organized a Hill Family reunion at a park in Murray.  Bobby arranged to have his friend provide a fun "Utah Bubble Balls" activity. Check it out by clicking here.  What a blast!



Over the course of summer we had many fun times together in Murray.  Whether it was attending Linley's dance recital, splashing at Murray pool, playing in the yard, going to dinner with Doug and Sandra, or getting Michael settled into an apartment and classes at BYU in Provo, good memories of this summer will live long in our hearts.

 Thanks for hosting all the madness once again, Bobby and Jill! 

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